Company Profile

Venture & Explore Retail is an FMCG company, based on an eCommerce model. V&E Retail's Core focus is "BLUES" which is Budget Lifestyle Unique Equipment Store.  

V&E Retail focuses mainly on e-Shopping in Budget for Apparels, Watches, Fashion Accessories & Other Products such as Home-Decor, Sportswear, Gym Nutrition, Non-Prescription Health Supplements to Non-Perishable Snack & Food Items such as Cookies, Chocolates, Dry Indian Sweets.

V&E Lifestyle Products include Automated Bedroom Products, Smart Beds, Childres Bedroom Accessories, European Home-Decor Equipments. Foldable Electric Scooters, Electric Bicycles,


Other Automobile Alternative Modes to save an Average Working Class Individuals Ability to Cope Up with the Financial Liabilities such as Fuel cost, Road Tax & Vehicle Insurance Cost. Provide more Mobility to Law Enforcement Officers in places where the Squad Car/Regular Bikes can't be driven and also for College Students to commute effectively within Campus & Dorm Life.

V&E Retail's is making sure about the Suppliers - Product Quality, Utility to Consumer Life of the Product to ensure the Best for the Customers .
"Customer Utility, Price & Quality"​ are our main areas of focus.

Unless we Venture , we can't Explore.

Therefore Venture & Explore with us in Retail Wonderland.

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