This personal air conditioner works to cool your space while cleaning and

 adding moisture all at the same time. You simply add water and switch it on

 to get cool air around your space. This unit will give you eight hours of cooling

 time on a single fill.

You can pick from seven different vibrant color options, and there is also an

automatic color cycle option. It’s designed to be compact and ultra-powerful

with a very discreet and quiet run time. Also, it’s very lightweight. This means

 that you can move it from room to room as you go about your day.


- Features seven LED colors

- Runs for eight hours on a single fill

- Adds moisture, cools, and cleans the air



- Have to be very close to feel the cooling effect

- May not run for the full eight hours, depending on the

  intensity of the use.

PRICE:  INR 1500/-

            US$ 20.00

Item Type : Air Cooler

Air : 50 Cfm

Adapter Input : 100-240v, 50-60hz

Switch Type : Keyboard Button

Adapter Input : 5v Dc, 2a

Material : Abs + Pc Power

Interface : Micro Usb, 5v 2a

USB Line Length : 190cm

Water Tank Capacity : 375 Ml

Power : 8w


Fan Air vs Artic Air 

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