Introduction of V&E Global’s Founder & CEO     

Soubir Bhatt

Soubir is an Indian born native Mumbaikar who spent his entire college years and early career in New York, USA. 

Prior to start up of V&E Global, Soubir has spent his brief years as a Banking & Finance Professional in brands like Key Bank, Actis Biologics Inc, Bluestar Infotech, Infosys BPMs – Banking & Financial Services, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Kotak Securities Ltd- Equity Trade Platform with Bombay Stock Exchange & National Stock Exchange .

He attended the State University of New York at Albany in the United States of America for Undergraduate & Graduate School, and earned his Bachelors Degree with a Double Major in Economics & Business Administration (Specializing in Business Law, Finance, Marketing & General Management ) and thereafter earned his Masters Degree in Accounting. 

On 11th of September 2008 (Popular as 9/11/08) , Soubir was interviewed by Goldman Sachs in New York City , for an Entry level Analyst position. He was successful in the 1st & 2nd Round with the Senior Vice President of Steel Vertical at Goldman Sachs. 

Due to the Historic Economic Meltdown on that particular day, Soubir was told on the 3rd Round, that all Financial Services firms on Wall Street, including Goldman Sachs had frozen hiring of college freshers, due to the unforseen downsizing about to take place. Soubir was congratulated for confidentially making it to Round 3 after 5 Hours of Interview. Therefore, it was an Honor to his Candidature even as Future References were concerned.


A youngest Guest Speaker at the Age of 22, invited by JSW Ispat Steel to deliver a keynote presentation on Contextual Marketing & e-Commerce in releveance to Steel Industries future strategic growth. Attendees were Senior Management Team Members of Ispat, which included General Managers, Vice Presidents, President Marketing & Director Corporate Strategy & Business Excellence.

In December 2018, School of Petroleum Management at Pandit Dindyal Petroleum University- Gandhinagar (Gujarat) invited Soubir, as a Guest Speaker for conducting a session on Hedge Funds & Alternative Investment Fund in emerging market of India for a large Group of MBA Students, aspiring to pursue a career in the Capital Markets after their MBA graduation.

In extracurricular activities in New York, Soubir was an Actor in Ualbany’s Television Channel - @TV show "Living With Frankie" , a remake of Steve Carell's Show "Office". Also a Tryout Model for Men's Fashion Brands like EXPRESS-Saks Fifth Avenue & Sean John, and a 1st Runner Up in Mr Ruia College Personality Contest as Teenager back in the Junior College years in Mumbai, India

Apart from English, Soubir is Fluent in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati. Punjabi.

Fashion > Fitness > Finance >Cars are his objectives for V&E Global to grow on as a business group.

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